Thursday, July 18, 2013

Neon Beanies

It looks like neon beanies are one of my hottest trends these days. They are even worn with summer outfits, though they are mostly made for winter. They are a comeback from the 90's grunge fashion. I always thought they look the best with hoop earrings and any edgy outfit with studs, flannel shirts and moto jackets. Id love to buy a neon pink or orange one sometime from Forever 21 or Market! Market! as an edgy person myself. I am loving the ones with studs above. I really think they are so cute and not just any other beanie. I am also a fan of putting colors together, while I used to color with different crayons as a kid.  Neon beanies has been one of my favorite trends this spring/summer 2013. I saw many of them being sold at Forever 21 and H&M when I was in New York and New Jersey! Boy, I miss the 4 story stores in NYC and tax free shopping!
I also like how they came up with the ones that have ears, its super cute and kawaii.  Id love to own one with cat ears as an anime fan myself. You can look cute in the cold weather that way. But the type of neon beanie Id like to own would be the one with a thinner material that I can wear to my fashion school.  I am also going to need it when I transfer abroad to North America in Fall 2014.

Before, I have only seen black, grey and white ones for winter which are very typical and worn by many guys as a typical street outfit.   But I think that the neon colored ones are the cutest.  I think they will never go out of style.  So add some bright color to your edgy outfit to stand out in a good way and your outfit won't be full of dark colors. I shall call it a neon edge!  Pairing dark colors with neon will look toned down and stylish at the same time. Don't wear neon colors all at once or else it can look messy.

Enjoy the rest of your stylish summer with all the sales!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Color and Harmony are the key to color combinations"
-My Own fashion quote of the day

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