Monday, July 8, 2013

So Much For My Happy Ending

Tutu skirts are the best way to make your outfit look loud and casual at the same time. I designed this tutu skirt myself for my Product Development class. I was inspired by artist, Avril Lavigne and fashion designer, Betsey Johnson. Tutu skirts are currently in fashion as Ive seen them being worn to parties and at my school once. They are even worn by Anna Sophia Robb's character in the TV series, The Carrie Diaries. That is another fashionable series partially set in glamorous New York City.  I wore this sight seeing in Montreal, Canada with flats to make it more casual and toned down. Toned down and elegant is the best.
Normally these skirts are hard to find. But they have a tutu dress at Forever 21 and prom dresses at Betsey Johnson. Betsey Johnson also wears tutu skirts herself and they are actually one of her trade marks. She is also known for having her loud personal style which is my kind of style since I don't like to dress like everyone else as I mentioned. Avril Lavigne was also known for her punk style tutu skirts. She wore it in her music video for her song, My Happy Ending. She is also one of my favorite singers from when I was only 10. I also love her edgy style besides her songs.

Here I am wearing a mesh crop top from TOPSHOP that was only PHP 700 something on sale. I thought it was a good deal for a huge mark down. 

This is the tutu skirt I designed and I had it made by my lovely seamstress, manang. Thank you so much again.  This skirt can also be used for stage performances if you are a celebrity singer or performing at a party. This will make you look very diva. But to make it more formal, wear it with stiletto ankle boots and any kind of top that matches.  That can also be a party outfit. I can even wear this skirt and a more formal top to the next Philippine Fashion Week. 

Katy Perry here, is wearing a Betsey Johnson tutu style dress any girl would wear to their Junior prom. Id totally wear this to a premiere or a fashion event.  

Keep Your creative minds flowing!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Elegance does not mean bling all the time"
-My Own fashion quote of the day


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