Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pop Art Pretty!

Hey Fashionsitas!,
 I am back here with blogging! Im really sorry for the long absence, while I have been traveling all around the east side of the USA for two weeks and going across the border to Canada and didn't have much time to blog. I was also jet lagged yesterday since I just arrived two days ago in the night. So its so good to be back home in Manila though I can't wait to go to North America to transfer in Fall 2014 since I feel more homed over there. I finally have a Pop art outfit.
This skirt is newly bought from the USA and its even made there. I couldn't find any pop art prints here in the Philippines while we are a little bit behind. I also love the local brands in the USA, while the clothes are more unique and tough to find. Rue 21 and Love Culture are the destinations for unique wear.
 I am also a lover of classic comics since I used to read the Archie series. I always thought they were fun and artistic. You can also read classic comics during your free time for humor. Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists as well that some of my art works were pop art related.  I am also inspired by The Carrie Diaries (TV Series), while Anna Sophia Robb wore a pop art skirt in one episode. I love the 80's comebacks and the use of color in the 80's are the brightest. While this skirt has too many bright colors, I decided to tone it down with a denim jacket and pastel stilettos. These stilettos are my most convenient one while they go with anything and are the easiest to walk in. Its good to have a balance in order not to have a fashion disaster.

Here I am wearing a Denim jacket from Rue 21 at Franklin Mills outlet, Philadelphia that was on sale for only USD$ 3. I thought it was a really good deal for a denim jacket since they are normally priceless. I am wearing a fluorescent pink tank top that was only USD$ 9 from Abercrombie kids. 
I paired it with these neon purple feather earrings that was only PHP 100 from Market! Market! here in Manila. 

I am wearing a green studded cuff I got at 2b Bebe from Woodbury common outlets in upstate New York (Its near NYC) that was only USD$ 9.80. That is one of my favorite stores with fashionable clothes and it is the lower end label for Bebe. Bebe is one of my favorite brands.

I got this pop art skirt from Rue 21 at Franklin Mills Outlet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It only costed me USD$ 14.80 
The clothes in that store are affordable and good.
 Bright colors always make me happy and I paired these indigo tights that were only PHP 200 on sale from Promod here in the Philippines. It is a store that is originally from France and Paris will always be one true fashion capital.  I wore this one my first day from my vacation while it is something different.

Stay bright!!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Its good to balance your wardrobe as a blogger"
-My own Fashion quote of the day

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