Friday, July 5, 2013

Looking for Chic and affordable water bottles?

Im sure you fashion conscious people would want a uniquely designed water bottle to bring to school or to work. I already know where to get chic looking water bottles and the store is OLD NAVY. That is one of the best casual brands besides its sister company, GAP. The water bottles there are very affordable and cute looking with fashionable designs.  I found this out when I first saw my friend's pink and black water bottle and when I asked where she got it from, she said OLD NAVY. 
I  drink a lot of water myself, so its a must for me to get a super chic one. They also sell super cute coffee mugs. All of the water bottles below and the one above are all from OLD NAVY that you cannot find anywhere else. They are my most favorite designs I have seen and Im glad to have finally found a really chic zebra print one. I always thought animal print water bottles are fabulous and not typically printed. I am also loving the one below with caution signs but too bad they don't have it anymore.  You can even get the ones with summer colors or peace signs  to match it with your multicolored and bright summer outfit especially when you are going to need gallons of water this summer, indoors or outdoors. I never count the amounts of water I drink as well.

Water bottles are part of the accessories section, so they can also style you up in a way. This can also be part of a back to school fashion tip. But be sure they are really good quality and wash it well before using it. 

 This one here is my own from OLD NAVY in Boston, Massachusetts! These are originally USD$ 5.00 but I got it at a good deal that was only USD$ 3.00 while there is a 30% off sale going on at OLD NAVY! Grab one this summer since there are very good deals. I needed a new one while mine got very old and the paint chipped off. These have really good bright contrasting prints and won't get lost very easily while not many people own these kinds.  Happy shopping this summer to all at the sales! I will be away from blogging for about a day or two days while Im driving off to Montreal, Canada! Im sure I can find fashion reporting there, since ALDO and La Senza are from that area!


Monica JLL Seet

"Accessories don't only mean jewelry, they mean more"
-My own Fashion Quote Of the day

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