Sunday, June 30, 2013

Long flight Fashion tip

Hey fashionistas!,
 Monichic in the house! Are you all still feeling fashion conscious on a long flight? Im sure you all are! So here is the travel long flight fashion tip I told you to stay tuned for! I wore this outfit on a 18 hour and 30 mins direct flight from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey! I am having a great time here in New York. I just got back from Manhattan and it was fun seeing a neon color scheme! Go summer 2013! Now I shall say, if you are traveling on a long flight and if your going to sleep a lot, I would suggest wearing, jeggins,tights with a dress and a blazer. A beret will also keep you warm enough to sleep better. You can still look cute on a long flight and I would suggest natural lightweight make-up. I was very comfortable and had the best sleep on the plane.

Right below here I am wearing a  classic blue dress with studs from Forever 21 in Manila that was only PHP1117 or higher (I forgot! LOL!) . The silk fabric is really good and the quality is strong. I bought this when I needed it for a final presentation at school and this blazer as well. This is one way to dress for the office as well.

I am wearing a black blazer from SM (Shoe mart) that was only PHP 1200 ish. Its very convenient and easy to bend your arms in. The fabric is very soft that I also wore this when I had to work for a photoshoot. And for a travel bag (hand luggage) I would suggest a medium sized purse that can fit under the seat. This purse is Longchamp (Le Pliage) It was from a friend of my Dad's who went to Paris. These are very convenient and affordable too. I don't care how ordinary they are, I just think they are so convenient and can be carried around easily while they are foldable. In Europe, you can get them for only about 40  Euros.

I would suggest also wearing less jewelry for comfort. Here I am just wearing a simple chain necklace I bought from my classmates business project. It was only PHP 150.
Here I am wearing Taiwanese made tights from a stall while they are very affordable and you can get many of these at stalls in Taipei, Taiwan. It is also a stylish city. Here I am wearing my favorite comfortable flats that were only SGD$ 26. They are chic and convenient since they are easy to slip on. You can also get them at Fancy Feet For a Queen.
Here I am wearing a tiger beret from NAVA that was only PHP 200. I always love animal prints! Its also good for winter besides beanies.  Well, have a safe flight to all fashionistas where ever you are going!

Fashion will always be fashion!,

Monica JLL Seet

"Bling does not always mean stylish"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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