Saturday, July 27, 2013

Designs inspired by Mercedes Benz Cars

The Pulse fashion show on July 25 was held at the Mercedes Benz showroom at EDSA, Greenhills. So the creations of the Fashion design students and lecturers at my school, Raffles Design Institute were based on the Mercedes Benz Cars. I can seriously tell by looking at the details of the garments (The metallic details and some of the dresses are fully metallic and has studs on them).  I felt that the models were in a way like walking cars with the use of the typical colors for Mercedes-Benz Cars. Don't they shine as much as the cars do? They just look as luxurious and the silver accents on the designs remind me of the shiny priceless cars. I love all the designs equally and I feel that they have a lot of effort in them with the way they designed and sewed them. 
They are just a talented bunch. But one advise from me would be to not let fame get into your head and stay humble.

 Remember to always work hard for your big dreams in life in order to succeed. If you have faith in yourself, anything is possible.  The main message of the show is "Fashion Meets Passion" So always follow that message to work for your dreams in fashion!
As for me, fashion has always been my main passion in life since I was twelve. I started off by sketching graphic t- shirts and basic pants and dresses. I also began styling myself.  Then I started attending my first fashion class when I was 15 years old in 8th grade. Then I continued designing and having them made. But I decided to take Fashion Marketing during my lovely Senior year because they have more job options and I can learn more how to open up my own fashion business by taking creative and business courses at the same time. 

Even though I have learning disabilities, I feel that I can still work hard for my dream, A Fashion buyer/fashion entrepreneur/part time fashion teacher/stylist/fashion critic and a personal shopper.  Nothing is impossible no matter what happens to you. Just keep working hard and moving forward! Don't ever give up and remember this term to always get up and try again.  Never listen to your doubters and non-believers. They should be ashamed of themselves and Im sure you are all more talented than them. They just wanna make you feel bad and they are just looking down at you, so never let that happen and always keep your chin up. I myself has had these experiences with doubters and non-believers and they in a way were close to making me give up then I told myself, "Its okay Monica, you are more talented than they are and have a brighter future" So I would encourage you all to self-talk privately to yourselves and bring yourselves up. They more you say you can do it, the more you will get there any way you can. Remember to also "Never Say Never" 

I have observed all of you Fashion Design students working hard in your designs for the show on the sewing machines and never giving up. Im sure you will all go far in the fashion industry and have your own couture lines. Whoever, thought of the set up for this show, I shall say it looks professional and fine! It looks like we are all going to be more pro in the future.  I love how the sparkly details make everything look so chic.  From how I observed the colors, constantly use, I can see a color palette of Silver, Gold, Black and Red. They are the typical color scheme used for cars and its one whole mood board on the runway with  a color palette and luxury cars.  This already looks like one of the pro fall/winter fashion shows. Check out the pictures below to observe. There are just so many of them to critique about. Well done people! I can see that you researched well!

I just added this photo here because I like how they gave goodie bags to the guests in order to promote Raffles Design Institute Manila. Now I have a new tote bag!

Work Hard and Play Hard!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"A specific color palette and mood board will help you with your ideas"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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