Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Born in the 90's

I am proud to be born in the early 90's and was a little girl in the 90's as well (Aged 1-5). The pop culture of the 90's interests me a lot, such as the music, Titanic, Nickelodeon,Disney,Sailor Moon, Britney Spears, Clueless etc. The toys in the 90's were also very cool and fun to play with. I remember having a goofy golf machine, Gak, Polly Pocket, Lisa Frank, Trolls, Sky Dancer, Tamagotchi, View Master, Pogs, Koosh ball and the classic Barbies.  Many Pop culture of the 90's are more loved than some of the pop culture today. The 90's are also my favorite fashion decade with the clothing being more modernized in a way they are almost similar to what we wear in the present.  I sometimes miss being a 90's little girl.
I decided to have a 90's kid look today because it is a very comfortable outfit for school and Id probably be dressing like this a lot when Im in a bigger college. These wedged trainers are also very easy to walk fast in and they go with anything.

This is what I decided to go with today with my shirt tied around my waist. If it got cold, I could wear it as a sweater with my graphic tee and shorts. I also like the bright colors of the 90's, just like Lisa Frank!

I am wearing a black and white graphic tee from Mango that was on sale for only PHP 595! There still sale going on! So its your chance to shop! My Ombre shorts are from TOPSHOP that was on sale for only PHP 915. They have the best shorts there in the moto section. 

My bright purple beanie is from Androgyne Manila at Market! Market! that was only PHP 280. I got this color because they ran out of bright pink. I can even use this for winter wear as well when I move to a colder country.  My collar studded shirt is from Marshall's department store at Franklin Mills Outlet ,Philadelphia that was only USD$ 10.00! That is the best department store for cheap and good designer products. I go crazy there all the time. 

While these shorts are too short, I decided to wear my not so sheer footless tights that were at a deal for 2 for PHP 150. I wore these wedged sneakers to match it more well. They were only USD$ 29.99 at Marshalls Department store. They don't feel like high heels, they just make you taller. This is one fashion tip for casual elegance. I like this type of Wedged sneakers because they are not like the typical ones that are originally by Isabel Marant. You can get many chic wedge sneakers at Marshall's. They have a wide range of shoes.  Well, I hope you enjoyed this look of the day!

Keep up with style and comfort!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"elegant is not always formal"
-My own Fashion quote of the day


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