Monday, July 29, 2013

Back to School Fashion Tips

Here is the entry I told you to wait for!! While it is soon going to be August in a few days, I decided to give you guys some back to school fashion tips and show you an interactive video of Michelle Phan's back to school nails and make-up tutorial. This look is very natural and will not distract the whole class.  I like the nail tutorial as well for this video because it will make you stand out in a good way and make you look artistic.
Also do go to  to check out some adorable back to school flat booties that can make your school outfit look chic and also to wear with your school uniform.  I love the studded buckled ones.
I remember spicing my uniform up during my Middle School and High School years. I would wear sparkly shoes or flat boots with my uniform and I also use to wear my bracelets, necklaces, large earrings and headbands. My school was a private International School here in Manila, Philippines, but it wasn't that strict except for us not being allowed to have our skirts too short. I was caught several times for that in Grade 10 and 11. So I wouldn't encourage you girls to do the same thing, just roll your skirts up after school!!!
I also did not just have any ordinary school bag, I always had bright colored or shiny ones. Just make sure they are very convenient.  This entry will also be fashion tips for College Students. You also need a lot of comfort at a big University. I will also tell you where to shop for new school clothes (Stores where you can all budget yourselves as students) Never wear hats to school especially if they are disrespectful for class.

This overall dress would be super school chic with a long sleeved black tee and a bib necklace. Wear them with cool rhinestoned frames glasses.

You can get this pop art back pack and the other tribal print backpacks below from In order not to overload your bag, carry an extra tote. This super cute pop art tote is from Forever 21. 

To me Combat boots and low heeled ankle boots are the perfect chic footwear for school.  Even creepers are also super chic for school and comfortable too if you go to a big school. 

If you wanna wear a dress, make sure it is casual and not too loud. Casual cotton skater dresses are the best casual dresses for school. A moto jacket would look great with it!

Sweatshirt tops for school with pleather leggings or printed leggings  and boots will make you look cute and comfy. 

I am digging this MTV graphic tee from Wet Seal. It is also a great place for students to shop. The clothes their are very affordable and unique. But wear a high waisted midi skirt with this crop top here to look more appropriate. 

This cute aztec backpack here will make you stand out and it is not like any other. 

Denim jackets (Plain Or studded)  will be great to wear to school since it won't make you look over attired for school and garish. Only if your going to a small fashion school, then you can be a little bit more dressed up.  Throw on this black and white aztec backpack below that can go with any outfit. 

This outfit would look great for school if the shirt was longer and thick stockings were worn with these shorts. 

Fancy Buttoned up shirts with pants like this will make you look like your not trying too hard. 

Any flannel shirt with a printed graphic tee will will look school cool rather than ordinary. Combat boots will look great with it.  It will also look great with the Ramones studded shirt below.

Zipper leggings with a sweat shirt top is a great edgy look for school. You need to be more comfortable to be able to study. School is not a fashion show and  you don't wanna look like your going to a party. 

Wear this crop top with a black tank under or a midi high waisted skirt.  Graphic tees with big words will never die down and are appropriate enough for school. 

 Throw on this cute skater dress from Forever 21. But wear a super cute denim jacket with with and a thin belt. Kitty cat loafers will look great with this.  This sweatshirt below will look chic with a plaid body-con below this picture from Forever 21 (Both) and studded booties. 

You can also wear this Fame off shoulder sweatshirt with a plaid body con skirt which will go great with the buckle boots below. Never wear anything tight or loose from top bottom.

 These wedged sneakers are also stylish for school and won't make you look like your try too hard and will make you taller. I was still able to walk fast in these. 

These metallic flats are perfect for school and will make you look chic if you have long legs. 

Check out the other school perfect outfits and pieces below that are not at all too distracting. Good luck shopping and styling yourself for school! Forever 21, Wet Seal, Rue 21 and many other clothing lines that are only in the United States has many student priced and unique clothes for school.  Go shopping at this time while they still have great summer sales.

This is my favorite get up for school. I found this on Its casual and elegant at the same time. 

Stay School cool and don't stress too much about fitting in if you were born to stand out!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Treating school like a fashion show can give people the wrong impressions"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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