Saturday, June 15, 2013

You Rock My Summer!

The perfect outfit for Spring/Summer 2013 is a vertical striped top with neon skinny jeans or it can be the other way around. (Vertical Striped jeans and a neon top) I think this is the most stylish summer ever. Vertical stripes always catch your eye right away and they make your outfit look loud and edgy without adding too many fashion pieces. It is also more convenient and comfortable. I can't wait to get my vertical striped skinny jeans from Forever 21 when I go to the States at the end of this month. Neon and Vertical Stripes are actually the best combination. It will also make you look like your having fun in the summer with the lively stripes and colors. Check out the chevron horizontal stripes as well, since that is one of my favorite stripes prints. They are also very eye catching. Look at the top from Forever 21 below. Vertical Stripes has been popular with lookbook users these days. Neon is one big 80's comeback that is the best! I love neon parties as well!

I am wearing this vertical striped sheer top from Surplus Shop at Megamall for only PHP 300 something. I thought it was really cheap for this material. It would be expensive at other stores. To make it less revealing,  I paired it with a pleather jacket from Esprit in Amsterdam Schipol airport for only 38 Euros. I needed it when it was unexpectedly cold arriving in Amsterdam two years ago. So it was like a so called emergency outer wear. Schipol airport is one of the best airports in the world with a mall in it. 
I paired it with a gold bib necklace from Metro department store in Market! Market! that was only PHP 149.  They have the most affordable accessories there that you can seriously buy tons of you have a lot of money. 

I am wearing a pair of neon pink skinny jeans that are from a new store in the Philippines called Stradivarius. Just like ZARA, Bershka, Pull & Bear and Mango, it is also from Spain. It is also a partner company of ZARA, but it is a little bit more lower end. The clothes their have a very decent price. They also have the best tribal print skirts and fringe bags.  
These ankle wedged booties are from Payless Shoe source for only PHP 1,600. They are comfortable and casual at the same time. They won't make you look like you are trying too hard, just like wedged sneakers. Sometimes wearing actual 6 inch heels can make you look like your trying too hard. (It depends where you are going)
This genuine leather graphic purse I am carrying is from a local stall at Venice, Italy that I got for only 40 to 60 Euros. I don't remember the price since I went two years ago and it can really last.  I think I will let my future daughter inherit it. Italian leather is one of the most long lasting textiles. But just be sure that it is not from an animal we don't eat or a juvenile animal.

Keep Calm and rock on with stripes!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Good quality makes you burn less cash"
-Fashion Quote of the day

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