Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moschino Cheap and Chic Pre Spring/Summer 2014


It looks like the pre Spring/Summer 2014 collections are finally here. I first heard it on the Moschino Facebook page. There are lots of florals, monochrome and red in pieces in this Moschino Cheap and Chic collection. The style is very travel- like and can be easily worn on the plane. I love this coat with a ruffled collar here.  It looks like some parts in my trend forecasting project was right, with having monochrome colors and multi colors. In this brand, I like how bog buttons are constantly used on the jackets. I have always wanted to own a long coat myself.  I love the whole color palette being Red, Black and white. It is very eye catching for the season. I always though monochrome was better than florals for the spring.
Florals are getting too common these days and they are so Spring/Summer 2011. I remember seeing a lot being popular with young girls and I think that huge hibiscus florals are looking to cheap and old fashioned that I hated seeing them being sold anywhere and they gave me a huge headache. I never get the typical latest items as they will seriously make me be like everyone else and thats like nothing special. I wouldn't get bib necklaces that are too common and being sold everywhere as well. I think the monochrome jacket with huge buttons are not like anything else I have seen before and they are so unique. Moschino is one of my favorite brands with their designs.

I like this white bag here with the heart necklace and red sandals.

Even this gorgeous red duffle above goes totally well with the red sandals and blue coat.

This was the one here I was talking about (The jacket with large buttons)

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