Saturday, June 22, 2013

Take it nice and easy

There are times when we need to throw on something simple if we have a lack of time. So I decided to throw on this butterfly style tee with this laced skirt while I was a little bit in a rush to go to Church. These clothes are also very light weighted and easy to wear. This is one fashion tip on how to stay stylish and simple.  I added a flower clip to make the outfit not look too simple. Coincidently both the skirt and top are from H&M. I also decided to pose in a calm relaxing way since I am very tired from school and Im packing for my trip to Singapore, NYC and London. I can't wait to go shopping there as I have been saving up. Though in Singapore I am just going to window shop while the brands are cheaper in the States and UK. I am happy to go to my two hometowns, Singapore and New York! The Philippines is my third hometown.
 So anyways, one fashion tip to be simple and cute would be, to throw on a fancy top with a unique skirt.
To keep up with the flower crown fad, I decided to wear this houndstooth flower hair clip my aunt gave me last year along with a houndstooth scarf. Ill get a flower crown as soon as I find my size at an affordable price. The one I tried at Claire's was more for a kids size.

Here I am wearing a butterfly sleeved top from H&M outlet in Anaheim, Ca that was only USD$ 6. I always love shopping at H&M when there is a sale. I can't believe it lasted. I bought it last summer vacationing in Los Angeles!  I can't wait to go to the summer sale on the east side!!!  I am wearing my cheetah belt from Trunk Show in Power Plant mall that was only PHP 250.  I love their edgy fashion accessories, clothes and shoes there.  

I am wearing a laced body con skirt from H&M in the Singapore branch. This was only SGD$ 19.90. Black lace is more edgy than flirty. 
Here I am wearing open toed booties from Ever New that was on sale for about PHP 1,500. It was one huge markdown. These are very comfortable and easy to wear at the same time. It feels like your walking on flatworms. You just slide your feet in right away. Check out the sale there now. The clothes, accessories and shoes have strong qualities and they are very affordable now. Enjoy the huge mark downs at Power Plant mall and High Street. Happy shopping everyone!

I hope you all enjoy the on going sales!
Its the best shopping time of the year all in Asia, Europe and North America!,

Monica JLL Seet (MoniChic)

"Swimming in cash during the sales period is the best"
-My own Fashion Quote of the day

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