Sunday, June 23, 2013

Just another artistic designer: Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia is one of the most creative designers Ive seen so far next to Betsey Johnson. There are many creative designs of hers such as making them unusually shape. They are not like any other clutches Ive seen. This just catches my eye with the artistic expressions and actual inspirations from what surrounds us. That is a very important skill in art and fashion. Inspirations come from our surroundings, such as nature etc. It is what we see and feel at the same time. You can be inspired by game boards, animals, world cultures and film.  Traveling can  help you with your inspirations as well. I just can't get enough of her shoes and bags. Did you know that she was the one to start with the kitty cat loafers? Then they became one huge hit with young women. They are extremely comfortable. I think this domino clutch is so young and cute. They are totally inspired by board games. Id totally carry this with an edgy outfit. I believe she was the one to start with the lips clutch too! Lips clutches are super seductive in a good way! Just don't carry them with a skimpy outfit and be sure not to look like a prostitute in them. So don't wear it with a bustier laced tight dress.
I love how these flats have lips and animal prints at the same time. Its looking really hot and sexy I shall say. You can even match it with this lips clutch right below here.  It will be super adorable.

As I talked about being inspired by cultures, this clutch here is shaped like an actual Russian doll. This is like a textile version of a Russian Doll. They are normally made of wood. This can totally go well with a spring outfit.

This Croissant clutch is one of the latest designs for Spring/Summer 2013.  You can also get inspirations from food! Especially if you are one heck of a food junkie, you will enjoy this. Why not if we can have a pizza clutch? Cupcake clutches has been popular as well.  And it looks like we have some nature inspirations from nature here, with these moon clutches below.  They are so cute and animated looking. The face also look very realistic. If you see the movie inspired clutches below this picture all three of the clutches are tough to find. I just love stuff that are difficult to find. So why not invent new designs? Thats what I always love to do with shoes, clothes and swim wear. 

This film inspired clutch is my favorite one of all. Id totally carry this to the Oscars or a movie premier. It looks formal enough for prom as well. This is my favorite one so far. Its so unique and chic. Id totally call it Uniqchic! As a movie junkie myself, I am digging this so much. 

I love this piano pumps! As much as I am a music lover that I sing sometimes if Im free and doing my vocal warm ups, I would love to own shoes like these and a piano clutch as well. I also used to take piano lessons and I still know a little bit and where to place my fingering. It is just like typing! Do check out more Charlotte Olympia shoes and bags to die for at this site:

Keep your creativity flowing!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"We wear what we see all around us!"
-My fashion quote of the day!

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