Friday, June 21, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 collection for Product Development Class

 I am here to share my designs with you. This is a project that took me almost the whole term to accomplish. My collection theme is Rocker Chick for Fall/Winter 2013. I am inspired by Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lawrence and Avril Lavigne. The Hunger Games star, Jennifer Lawrence wore mostly leather dresses during the latest awards ceremonies.  She's was one of the celebrities who was voted best dressed.
The jacket drawn in this board is inspired my Michael Jackson in memory of his death 5 years ago at aged 50. He will never die down and will always be The King Of Pop! I love Michael Jackson, while his music is my gym music that makes me pedal faster on my stationary bike. I also loved the military jackets he wore all the time in his music videos and performances. Even celebrities like Rhianna and Beyonce wore a female version of his jacket and they are looking so fine in them!
After seeing Avril Lavignes outfits especially her video for My Happy Ending, I was inspired to design a pink tutu skirt. I can wear it to fashion week and it goes well with my crop top from TOPSHOP. I am also a fan of Avril Lavigne's girly girl rock outfits. It is so Girly Girl meets punk rock. I also have a spandex turtle neck top to be more suitable for a winter collection. I can save it for traveling to a cold country and I will wear it with my studded leather jacket. along with a mini skirt, stockings and boots. Check out my finished designs below. I would also love to thank my seamstress, Manang for meeting my deadlines and making them very neat.
Having your own creations are also showing your personal style!

My turtle neck design!

My tutu skirt design!

My edgy dress design!

I love this skirt here along with her belt and combat boots.

She's looking so stylish in this dress! Id totally wear this to prom.

Here Michael Jackson's jacket is always very iconic. Rhianna and Beyonce look chic in them as well. 

Rock your personal styles!,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"The world will be boring if clothes were just too ordinary"
-Fashion Quote of the day

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