Saturday, June 8, 2013

Printed leggings

Printed leggings are currently the hottest fad of the season. It looks like they have been in style for a very long time, coming up with new designs  each year. They added to the stock of new arrivals from Forever 21.  They are looking so fabulous. They will make your legs stand out and make your outfit edgier.  I thought these leggings below with the names of the fashion capitals, are looking super creative and unusual. Forever 21 has one of the best designs for leggings. I love collecting different kinds of leggings, that I even bought one for my best friend for her birthday. They are actually more comfortable than jeans are. I also love to wear jeggings.  I own a number of printed leggings, from houndstooth, stars, checks, Union Jack, galaxy and tribal prints that I got at a cheap price here in the Philippines. They will also make you look more feminine in a way than jeans would. I also like how they would design two toned leggings from Forever 21 as I am currently a loyal customer there. There are just so many to buy there. One really good place to buy cheap leggings here in Manila, Philippines for PHP 100 to PHP 300 would be Market! Market! (Fashion Market) or Greenhills tiangge. Log on to for more of the unique designs. You can also get them at TOPSHOP just like my Union Jack print ones. Comic print ones are also looking so bright and see catching just like the one from Wet Seal below. While I have many leggings now, Id love to own a comic print body con skirt instead.

This is by far one of the most unique designs from Forever 21. But I would say wear it with a long shirt while its a little skimpy.

I did not expect the galaxy trend to last longer so now I shall call it a fad. There are a number of trends that do not go on selling forever, as I have observed myself. I think colorful galaxy prints are suitable to color up your summer!

These from Forever 21 are one of my favorite designs. Its looking very futuristic and so can be worn in the 22nd century. So cute, loud and edgy! The faux leather one below is also very cute, but not as contrasting. Contrast is important in creativity

 Abstract prints are  also looking very contrasting and creative. With my love for art, I just love looking at colors and putting them together.
 These two are my most favorite prints to look at, Stripes and houndstooth have two of the best contrast. When I first saw vertical striped pants at New Look London in Singapore, I immediately wanted one.

Last but not least, these mesh over leopard print leggings are very unusual and its like no other design I have seen before. As a fashion addict, I love seeing new designs and even inventing my own. I would love to own these leggings too someday while they are so fabulous and cheaper than jeans are. They are more suitable more me due to the hot weather here in the Philippines. You don't need many layers to be fashionable. Leggings are one tip for style and comfort.

Bling up your legs with prints!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Its all the about the style and convenience"
-Fashion Quote of the day

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