Sunday, June 9, 2013

Dotted Leopard

Mixing and matching two different prints are sometimes more fun than matching a plain top with something printed. Many fashion bloggers has done that several times. As part of my love for art, I love combining prints and colors. This is another fashion tip on how to look trendy and not so distracting for church. Buttoned chiffon tops with sleeves, jeans, leggings and skirts that are half an inch above the knees are the ways to look trendy and decent for church. Make sure you wear long shirts while showing your tummy is inappropriate for church. Don't wear anything too tight while anything that hugs your body can look slutty. Don't wear anything too fancy as well, since it can distract anyone who works in Church or people who are praying. I am very cautious of how I dress for Church because I am a self confessed Catholic myself. With footwear, I would say that flats are more advisable if you are a tall person. (5"4 - 5"10)
 Polka dots are also one of my favorite comebacks from the 60's. They were also in style back in 2006-2007 when I was only 14 years old. I remember owning a polka dot top and a skirt back then. They will never go out of style along with leopard prints. So Im glad I finally found a top that matches with this new skirt I needed for church due to all of my skirts shrinking. If you wanna mix and match prints, make sure the colors don't clash or it can look cheap that way.

Here I am wearing a polka dot chiffon top from a local store in Taipei, Taiwan called NET that was at a pretty affordable price, that I forgot. I would recommend fellow fashionistas to shop in Taiwan if you are looking for cheap and good shopping. They have very unique designs and their own fashion. It is also a fashionable city.  The food was also appetizing.
I paired it with a bib necklace I got at Metro department store in Market! Market! (here in the Philippines) for only PHP 150. You can get accessories at a good price next to SM department store.
I am also wearing a spiked headband from Market! Market! that was only PHP 150. Edgy headbands has also been one of my favorite headdresses

I am wearing one of my favorite belts I have from a store here in the Philippines called Tomato that only costed me PHP 300. They have one of the best affordable edgy clothes and trinkets there.

This Juicy Couture bag here is my most convenient and long lasting. I got this 3 years ago at TJ Maxx in New York for only about (Check the price in my previous entries). TJ Maxx and Marshall's are the best department stores you can get brands for less that are normally around USD$100-$200.

This leopard print body con skirt is from a store in Market! Market! (Fashion market) called Jewels. It was only PHP 150 on sale.   I thought its not bad for a medium length skirt. Market! Market! also has the best local brands that are super trendy and chic.

I paired it with these red bow flats from a local brand in Singapore called Mitju, that were only SGD$ 41. They have really comfortable shoes there that are not too flat nor high.

Leopard prints and polka dots are a good pattern combination if they are not colorful. At least it won't look confusing and it the contrast is bright. Red is also the best color to go with leopard prints and polka dots.

Put on your creative style caps!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Color contrast are important in style"
-Fashion Quote of the day

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