Friday, June 7, 2013


Monochrome is in for every season. To stay in with Spring/Summer 2013, I decided to wear this zig zag stripes high low skirt.  Zig zag stripes and black/white stripes has been a hit this Spring/Summer these days, seeing many being sold world wide. That has been my favorite pattern/color palette of the season. To me black and white stripes are always edgy and I loved wearing them back when they were also in style when I was in the 7th grade.  Pastel stripes are too romantic looking for me and plain. I remember wearing a graphic vertical striped tee with a distressed skirt and leggings. Those outfits were popular back in the 80's. Even polka dots were popular back then and they've came back as well. Black and white stripes will never be out of style and I can't wait too get vertical striped skinny jeans. Zebra prints are also looking great from the 80's. They make you look very chic. Zebra print jeans were even mentioned in a deleted scene in the movie, Confessions Of a Shopaholic. I love that movie so much. I know I've had a photo in this outfit before, but heres a better quality of it.

Here I am wearing my laced sleeved graphic tee I got at Forever 21 in the US for only USD$ 7.90 on sale. The best deals are during memorial day and summer holidays. This shirt always inspires me to have more faith in God and make me feel that I will never be in danger if I feel it. I encourage you all to pray and not panic.  It is super classic and edgy at the same time. This is one fashion tip on how to be chic and comfy at the same time. You do not need to add layers, especially if its too hot. A graphic tee with a high low or maxi skirt will make you stand out well in a good way. I am wearing my classic Burberry Shades that I got at Sunglass hut for only USD$ 200. I decided to wear my accessories that go with any outfit.

This zigzag skirt is also from Forever 21 in California that was only about USD$ 14.90. I thought its not bad for a skirt you cannot find anywhere else. High low skirts always caught my eye and Forever 21 is always my shopping destination if I need clothes while the prices are very decent for students. To be edgier, I decided to wear my longest caged bangle from Forever 21 here in the Philippines for only PHP 300. Forever 21 is good at producing a lot of clothes and accessories. They are one of the best affordable one so far.

These strappy stilettos are from the ALDO outlet in Nuvalli, Laguna Philippines. They were only PHP 1,800. I thought its not bad for ALDO shoes while they are normally up to PHP 3000. These are very comfortable and only 4 inches high. I try not to wear heels too often as Ive heard it can cause damage to the foot baller. So I always wear flats whenever I got to Church on Sundays and we are not allowed to dress to flashy and seductive as well.

Pretty yourselves up with stripes this Spring/Summer!,
Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

Your Style, Your identity!

"Monochrome colors are one of the preventions from fashion disasters"
-Fashion Quote of the day

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