Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pastel and Polka dots

Spring/Summer 2013 is the best time for Polka dots and pastel. I always thought they would give the polka dots more contrast. Here I am inspired by lolita dolls and the way girls cos play in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan. They mostly wear pastel dresses with big ribbons, high socks and mary jane shoes. The actual Lolita dresses are too hot to wear here in the Philippines while large amounts of layers are used, so why not dress like a lolita with inspired fashion pieces. Lolita fashion is mostly inspired by the Japanese Anime. I am also an anime lover myself. Id love to own a Lolita dress one day if I have any use for it.  Japanese fashion style mostly consists of Polka Dots and Pastel colors. Those are very kawaii and cute. Polka dots and stripes are so cute these days. I would love to own a striped version of this blazer one day from Forever 21.

To match, I am wearing a flower bracelet and a ring from Forever 21 that was only PHP 300 for the bracelet and PHP 100 for the ring on sale. My studded bracelet was only PHP 200 from K8 Los Angeles in Power Plant mall. I got my wrap around bracelet from the hot air balloon festival in Clark, Pampanga for only PHP 85. You can shop cheap at events like that. 
I am wearing open-toed ankle booties from Nine West  outlet in Citadel, California that was only USD$49. I always loved Nine West footwear. 
I am wearing this pastel dress (That came with a bow belt) my Aunt gave me for my graduation present from Robinsons Galleria. That is one of the most cheapest department stores here in the Philippines. I am wearing this Polka Dot Blazer from Forever 21 in Bakersfield, California for only USD$ 24.  
I got this large headband from Forever 21 that was only PHP 200. I always love the headpieces from Forever 21. I'd wear a large bow standing up on top if I had one. You can get cheap ones at Market! Market! these days.

 Check out these two Lolita dresses. It looks like they have a lot of inspirations from the 19th century. They almost look like the dresses Cosette used in Les Miserables but except they were ankle length in those days. I am currently digging the cute polka dot ones below. Id buy a thinner Lolita dress if I see one on Facebook. Look around for inspirations!
Express Yourself in Style!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Your imaginations and inspirations are what you wear"
-Fashion quote of the day

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