Wednesday, June 12, 2013

H&M is collaborating with another designer

Here is one example of her collection for Wedged Sneakers! I am digging the pure black one. 

It looks like H&M is collaborating well with designers. They collaborated with Versace before. It was called Versace for H&M. Versace designed for the Autumn 2011 collection. This time they are collaborating with French designer Isabel Marant.  She was one of those designers to come up with the Wedged Sneakers that are now in fashion.  Man, I love her wedged sneakers collection. I love how wedged sneakers can elevate you and make you feel like your not wearing actual heels. It is something you can wear to school as well if you wanna wear heels. 
Above, is a photo of her in action designing a collection for H&M. Click the link above to see her interview on how she was approached by H&M.  This technique is called co-branding. This technique can make your business more successful if you co-brand with another fashion company. It is also nice to hire a professional designer to design for your store and give them credits. 
H&M has been one of the most successful clothing lines the expanded world wide in many countries. I constantly go shopping there whenever I am in the States or Singapore. Ive also shopped at the Milan,Toronto, Barcelona and Amsterdam branches. Every H&M has many unique clothes that have very decent prices. That store is always one of my shopping destinations whenever I go abroad while we don't have it here in the Philippines yet. It will always be one of my favorite stores and it catches the eye of every young girl.  It opened its first retail store in Sweden back in 1947. 
Im looking forward to seeing Isabel's designs for H&M!

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