Monday, June 3, 2013

On going Fad Alert: Bustier Crop Tops

 Bustiers has been a hot trend of 2012-2013. I even bought one last summer from Forever 21. It looks like they are still very popular seeing them on and I saw a lot of them in TOPSHOP and Cotton On.  I even saw one of my school friends wear it lately on Facebook. They are a comeback from the 90's, especially the distressed floral ones. I think crop bustiers with high waisted shorts with look great with combat boots and flat ankle booties. The most popular outfit I have seen with a crop bustier are either with a skater skirt or a tribal body con skirt. They started the ones that are sleeveless, then began making the ones with sleeves. My most favorite ones are the ones with studs on them. I would suggest wearing a flannel shirt, jacket or any buttoned up shirt that matches with it if it shows your flat tummy because it can look pretty slutty and I always feel naked myself if I wear a crop top alone and if my legs are showing as well. Like Marc Jacobs once said, Showing Skin is not always sexy. I can strongly agrees with that.  Showing a lot of skin can make you more noticeable especially if you naturally have a sex appealing look on your face.
 Don't wear a sleeveless vest with it if your legs are sowing too much. I even found the outfit above from one of my favorite fashion sites, Its very Spring/Summer 2013. I can predict that vertical stripes will be a hot fad, in which I will make it my new trademark.  Bustiers will make you look chic on the beach with your bathing suit or at a beach party. You can even wear them with flower crowns at a music festival or a fun fair.

These combat boots will seriously rock your bustier outfit with an adorable flower crown and so will the one right below. Low heeled country western booties has been a hit these days, as seen all over look book. Id love to own a pair. You can get them at Ross Dress for less for only USD$ 16. 

 These Crop bustiers from Wet Seal are looking so fine. Id love to get the stripes one above and Id wear a studded denim shirt with it and high waisted shorts or a skirt. I love this comeback from the 90's. Pop singers like Britney Spears and the Spice Girls constantly wore them.

 This one with mix tribal and stripes are looking artistic and will look great with a chiffon shirt while your sleeves are rolled up. The outfit below with a crop bustier is needing a stripes or a flannel shirt to be used as a cover up while the top shows too much and the shorts are pretty short. But the flat form sneakers go well with it.

 I am digging the high low dress above, which is suitable for a semi formal event and I live the American flag bustier below with wedges and it is a very suitable outfit for the 4th of July. It can be worn at a 4th of July fair and look cute watching the fireworks. Bustiers also have been constantly worn with round John Lennon style shades. That is also one huge decade comeback.  But too bad they don't suit my face. It makes my head look bigger. They also are looking hot with studded denim jackets and sneakers.

I am loving this edgy outfit that is suitable for semi formal wear. You can also wear this to a club. 

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Candyica) with trend reports!
Your Style, Your way!

"Showing too much skin can give you ugly attention"
-Fashion Quote of the Day

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