Saturday, June 1, 2013

Moschino Cheap and Chic Cruise 2014 Collection

 Moschino has always been one of my favorite brands from Italy.  Moschino Cheap and Chic is the lower end label for the actual Moschino. Its great to make lower end labels for high end brands because it has to depend on the different incomes people are receiving. This Cruise 2014 collection is so chic and hot. I found out about this from  on the latest news home page. Asides from this brand and Dior releasing their Cruise 2014 collection, Fendi has released theirs as well. I think its amazing on how they can easily  fashion forecast ahead of time, right now. To me some of the trends look like they have evolved from the trends now with flower crowns and open booties. Id love to own one of those one day! Check out all the outfits below, it looks like the decade comebacks are evolving as well. Since this summer we have Palazzos and jumpsuits, it looks like there will be tie dyes again with floral rompers. Though I can't pull those off, its just fun trend reporting on everything. I love how Moschino Cheap and Chic uses colors for a certain collection.  They are very well combined and catchy. I enjoyed looking at the Spring/Summer collection with their use of fruits and bright colors.  I am currently digging the re leather skirt, while I love leather fashion pieces and the Peace graphic dress with a flower crown while I think that outfit matches best with it. I'd wear that dress with a moto jacket, stockings and ankle boots. I always thought, flower crowns with an edgy outfit were such a cute combo.  Well, go into to see more of their colorful and cheerful collections! Stay tuned for one more Cruise 2014 Collection report. It looks like most of  these outfits are good for a summer cruise ship more than hopping on a plane. The white coat below is the most suited one for the plane. It looks like to me mostly lace and crochets are popular with Cruise 2014 Collections.

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Candyica) with more Cruise 2014 reports!
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