Friday, May 31, 2013

Fashion Jungle

I have been in an animal print mood these days. Animal prints, leather, studs and tribal prints,graphic tees are what my wardrobe mostly contains and I would love to own a tiger print blazer someday. Though, leather is mostly what I love the most but as a fashion lover, I try to wear different pieces. Though my trademark has been studs and leather and some people have a trademark of animal prints. I do not like floral prints anymore while they remind me too much of when I used to be a naive girl who fell in love easily and always flattered by a guys attention. Florals for me are too flirtatious and romantic looking. Now I wanna look like a tough girl in studs, spikes and leather. At least they protect you from being attacked or robbed. You can even make use of them to hit a jerky guy who wants to try you.
Animal prints never died from when I was young, ever since the Disney Channel movie, The Cheetah Girls aired! That was a good movie with really good songs.

This crop mesh top is from TOPSHOP that was only PHP 795 on sale. They have good quality clothes there. I got this detachable collar I am wearing as a necklace from Trunk Show that was only PHP 250. You can get these at your nearest accessory stores now a days.

Here I am wearing a belt I got at Rome, Italy for only 9 Euros. Italian leather is the best. Its pretty affordable if you show for local brands in Italy. They have the most unique designs just like other fashion capitals.
I got these Palazzo pants at a store called Girl Shoppe in Power Plant Mall, Philippines for only PHP 700. I thought its not so expensive for something dressy and long lasting. You can get these at bazars these days.  This is my favorite comeback from the 70's!  The 70's comeback trend I really hate the most are tie dye prints which make me look like a Pot addict.  Whenever I see one, I wanna rip it apart.

I can also wear these pants on the beach as well with my bathing suit and my floppy hat.   with gladiator sandals. This will also look great at a music festival.

These kitty cat loafers here are from a wholesaler in Singapore for only SGD$ 26. You can also order them online at the Facebook page, Fancy Feet For a Queen. They are super comfy.

I am wearing my favorite Burberry shades from Sunglass Hut that was only USD$ 200. You can see clearly in high end sunglasses. I thought these shades were chic even though I don't like Burberry bags that much.

I decided to carry this umbrella as an accessory to match my outfit and its been rainy here in Manila, Philippines these days. You can also use it as a shade if it gets too sunny. Style up with some chic umbrellas on a rainy day, with animal print ones. They are by far the cutest ones. My Mom got this for me at a very cheap price at Metro Department store in Market! Market!  

I would suggest a pocket sized one which would fit best in your purse.

Here are two chic anmal print umbrellas here. Animal print umbrellas are my favorite ones so far. I love this snake print one and the zebra one below.  Zebra prints were popular in the 80's. Zebra print jeans were even mentioned in a deleted scene of the film, Confessions of a Shopaholic.  They will make your legs look sexy. 
Even safari print home furnitures will make your house look styling! 

Safari print palette
Though I am just an animal print fan, I don't tolerate killing animals. I don't want any more animals to be endangered. I just like how they would paint the prints on to the fabrics.

Go Wild and Chic!,
Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Safari prints will always make everyones eyes pop out every decade."

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