Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fad alert: Moto Jackets

Moto jackets are the most popular fad so far. According to, this was the latest trend report. Many of them has been used in the Resort 2014 collections. I always loved moto jackets as they are very edgy and classic. I always thought leather jackets would make you stand out in a good way and make you look stylish. I like it when they come in red, black, white and brown. The only leather jackets I don't like are pink ones, as they were counted as one of the worst trends of all time. I even own one with fake fur from Forever 21 that was only USD$ 9.90 on sale.  Check it out below. Id only use it if its cold. Moto/leather jackets has always been one of my favorite fads since 2011.

The one I am digging the most in the picture is the black and and white one in the middle. I am a huge fan of collage details and contrast. It catches my eye right away. I like how they came up with leather moto vests that are sleeveless. But I can't pull them off, while Im too skinny. Although I have a denim one from the thrift store.

I am insanely loving this one here from American Eagle Outfitters. Its so styling! Id buy it if it was on sale. Normally, it is one of the most expensive casual brands. Moto jackets will make you look like a tough edgy girl, saying you will never get a piece of me. These jackets will also look great with spiked bracelets.

I also think its very creative on how they can come up with Spring colors in Forever 21. I think they look better with no sleeves coming in pastel colors.

Lets go biker girls!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Flirty romantic looks are not always hot, biker wear can be sexy as well"
-Fashion Quote of the day

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