Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mini briefcase, Box and Envelope purses

The hottest trends for purses these days are either boxes, envelopes and mini briefcases. They are my favorite purses so far. I thought they are in a way very unique that they are not just like any hobo or fringe purse. A mini briefcase can look super chic with a dress. I constantly see many young women carry the envelope style briefcase purse or the school bag styled one. But I feel that those are getting too common and being sold too many times at the markets and clothing lines.  I like the ones that are not too common and not very box style like the one I traveled with on my current vacation! (See right below). The TV series, The Carrie Diaries in a way inspired be to carry something like this but except she has a black one with her name painted on it. Its looking very 80's I shall say! Why not do something like this with your old bags? It is by far one of my favorite drama shows. Its so fashionable and it teaches young girls to say no to drugs at parties. I also always loved Carrie Bradshaw's personal style, in this show and Sex and The City. She stands out not dressing like everyone else. 

What I also like, are the Alexander Mcqueen inspired skull ring clutches. I plan to get something like that while I need a new evening bag. I like how if you carry it at a club, it will be tougher for burglars to rob you in a way you can hold on tight to it. That is one of my favorite trends from 2012-2013. I think it will never go out of fashion and Alexander Mcqueen is one of my favorite top designers that I also ended up giving one of my closest friends a skull print scarf from Hot Topic inspired by his original one. I always enjoy watching his fashion shows. (Look below) I think Alexander Mcqueen is also suitable for those with an edgy style, which is honestly my type. He even graduated from the top fashion school, Central Saint Martins, London UK. I honestly also think the box clutches with studs on them are very edgy and glamourous. You can get them at Forever 21. 

It looks like to me that that the these bags are hot this Spring/Summer 2013 after seeing them in many fashion shows such as Moschino and Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013. I am digging the Moschino one the most with vertical stripes on them and it will look great with a neon dress and a black blazer along with high heels.  This is one fashion tip for all of you to look edgy and classy while I don't think these will go out of style.

Here is one from Betsey Johnson's old collection. I thought this was so unique and original. I love how she would shape purses. I would love to get this if it is a good price at Marshall's or T.J Maxx. 
This pink one below here is what I was talking about being too common. And it looks more like a school bag. I wouldn't carry this or a typical candy bag since I love having my very own personal style. 

This is also pretty unique and original from Forever 21. Its a good size too. Id probably get this when its on sale.  You can even carry this to work if you don't have that many things to carry and you can look chic around New York City or any fashion capital. It was one of the bags that caught my eye when I first saw this at the actual store.

I am loving this studded envelope purse here and I have something like this from Miss Selfridge. But I only use it for the night and going clubbing. I think the studded ones are not as common as the plain ones.   I would suggest using it only for the night while these purses have limited space inside.  I even carried it to a fashion show and on my Valentines date with my ex boyfriend. So this will be part of my date night fashion tip.

Style up the fun!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Not only diamonds are a girls best friend, don't forget clothes, bags and shoes"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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