Friday, June 28, 2013

McQ by Alexander McQueen Resort ready to wear 2014

The lower end label, McQ by Alexander Mcqueen Resort 2014 is finally here and Im happy while this is one of my most favorite brands.  Alexander Mcqueen is always very edgy with their designs. Its so sad that he died days before London Fashion week 2010.  So Designer Sarah Burton took over as the creative director. She is pretty good too honestly speaking. She even designed for trendy public figures, Lady Gaga, Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama. That explains why I love how all those three dress. Lady Gaga always wears killer Alexander Mcqueen shoes. Id love to own something like that someday too!  I like how they are very edgy with the leather jackets and arrow prints. The metallic skinny jeans are also adorable and Ive always wanted to own a pair like that. But if you wanna wear metallic jeans, then wear wear a toned down graphic tee and a moto jacket with no studs. So that the whole outfit won't look too loud.  Don't wear anything shiney on top anymore.

I also love the open toed booties with these outfits. I think they make your feet stand out. I own a white pair of those stilettos.  What I also like about this collection is the tiny polka dot blazer and pants. They look like the tiny studs they always use for their collections.  Its loud and edgy in a good way and they are not too clashing.  For one comfy travel fashion tip as well, wear long harem pants or jeggings with a blazer and a scarf. (Look at the picture below at the third picture with the arrow print harem pants). That will sure make you look chic and edgy. Those clothes are the best to wear on long flights especially if you are going to sleep a lot and take walks down the aisle. I also love how they are accessorized with chained leather belts.

Sweater tops are also best for traveling and comfort on long flights. If you look at the very last picture below, that is a cool sweater top with pants. You can get cute graphic ones at Forever 21 or New Look. They are chic and will keep you warm in the plain. You can add a belt with it as well, just like the one right above. This is one of the Resort collections I have seen that are only suitable for flight and not sailing at sea.

By far, I think this is the edgiest Resort 2014 I have seen. They are not like any other designs for Resort 2014. Id totally wear these clothes for traveling! You can always look chic and trendy while flying. Stay tuned for my travel outfit that is soon to be on this blog. But I will be wearing something different. You can also wear a classic long dress with stockings and flats. If you wanna wear heels, I would suggest only wearing 2 to 3 inch heels. Have a great getaway everyone!

This bomer jacket here also looks comfy and chic at the same time.  I have a union jack print varsity one that is also appropriate for traveling. 

Stay chic and comfy,

Monica JLL Seet (Monichic)

"Looking for comfort and style are the smartest ways to dress up"
-My own fashion quote of the day

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