Monday, June 10, 2013

CFDA fashion awards 2013 presented by Swarovski


The CFDA fashion awards are now available to watch on, to see talents in American fashion. This was one of the latest news on (One of my most favorite fashion sites)  As a fashion addict myself, it was great to see who won and how fashion designing is competitive and supportive at the same time. Thanks to Swarovski for presenting this event. I love Swarovski jewelry and rhinestones. They are so classic. It was absolutely grand and amazing to see what hard work, the top designers have done. There are 9 parts in total to view and it was nice to hear that Phillip Lim won the award for best accessories design. After seeing the video of many accessory designs, I felt that Phillip Lim had one of the best ones. The strappy shoes are my favorite and the bags as well. He is by far one of the most unique designers and I am a big fan of his unique shoe designs. I also loved the jokes Andy Cohen( The host) made about styles. It was so cute and humorous.  Also congratulations to designer Vera Wang for the lifetime achievement award!  She has been a great wedding gown designer for Hollywood Stars and I also love her clothing line at KOHLS. Congratulations to Givenchy's designer Riccardo Tisci for the international award and Thome Browne for Menswear. They were all fabulous. It is almost like the movie awards.

Click the link above the photo to view the videos of the whole event!

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Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Your designs represent yourself"
-Fashion Quote Of the day

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