Tuesday, June 18, 2013

4th of July styles are now available!

The 4th of July is in two weeks time! We must all remember independence day. As a US Citizen myself, I love to going to 4th of July events if I so happen to be in the United States on that day. So I would always say "God Bless The USA" I will be in NYC in two weeks time, so I wonder if there will be a fun event in the City that never sleeps. Stay tuned for my 4th of July blogger outfit on that day! Many 4th of July styles are out now. There has been many Americana collections these days. in almost every clothing line. Forever 21 already has 4th of July styles! American flag shorts has also been a huge trend of 2012-2013 and they are one of my favorites. I first saw them in TOPSHOP. They pretty much caught my eye. One of my closest friends from Florida even owns a pair. Claire's has the best 4th of July accessories and I used to own some of them when I was only 12-14 years old. I even had braces with those colors.  I love how the outfits above are styled. The short sleeved top looks great with shorts and combat boots as well. I am also loving the white wayfarer sunglasses above. But too bad my face can't pull those off.

This collar bib necklace here is from www.claires.com  under jewelry.  The earrings below are from Forever 21. I can even get an American flag ring from Market! Market! for only PHP 100. To accessorize your hair, try some temporary hair color spray or US flag ribbons or bandanas.
Also do pretty up your nails. 

These red combat boots here are from Forever 21. They can be worn at 4th of July outdoor fairs with American Flag shorts. As for me, I will not be in a field, so I will be wearing Blue flats, red jeans, red leather jacket and an American flag bandana. This denim shirt below is also looking so cute from Forever 21 with high waisted shorts.

I would love to own denim shorts like these someday while Im needing new ones soon. I can always wear it with a plain top, red leather jacket and stockings.  I love these jeans as well with stars on it.  It is like no other cheap looking design.

These low rise ones from Forever 21 are also cute and chic. But if you wanna wear shorts, don't show your butt.  I can't wait to see everybody's Americana styles on that day! 
Stay Cool!,
Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Themed outfits are more artsy than random outfits"
-Fashion Quote of the Day

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