Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Prequel to Sex and The City

 It looks like the prequel to the Sex and the City Series is looking great so far. It is called The Carrie Diaries (That is also based on a book) that premiered on January, 14,2013. I have been trying to download the series, but I have only seen the trailer. It revolves around the high school life of the main character, Carrie Bradshaw who is interning as a writer. I even love the outfits the character wears as a teenager. She has been fashionable in the Sex and The City TV series and the two movies.  The purse that has her name on it is to die for. Ive always wanted to own a purse that is like a mini brief case. It looks like you can DIY your own purse like that.
I also like the way, her going to work outfit is color blocked with blue and blue-green combined. The balloon  party dresses she is wearing below are also looking so fabulous with a leopard print sweater and a denim jacket. That is the type of outfit I plan to save up for. I can forecast that they will be a huge comeback soon while there has been many decade comebacks this Spring/Summer collections. The colors used in her outfits are so well suited for Spring/Summer 2013, especially with the neon and comic prints I mentioned in my previous article, "Trend alert: Pop Art" Bright colors were also very lively during the 80's. The dresses below remind me a lot of Betsey Johnson's designs, which is one of my favorite brands!

This comic print skirt is looking so adorable with her coat. I wish to own these clothes here in the Philippines. But its too hot. She has such cute polka dot shoes too, which is also a current huge comeback. Im a huge fan of color myself and combing my fashion pieces colorfully as well. Bright colored outfits that are not so tacky and clown-like make my day brighter and happier.

A shout out to Anna Sophia Robb! Your a great actress! 

Hope they make you fashionistas happy too!

-"Your Style, Your identity"

"Every one has their own personal tastes, sometimes a person can't pull off a certain trend"
-Fashion quote of the day

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