Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Denim Stars

It was so easy this morning to put this together while these pieces never go out of fashion and I kinda overslept. I feel that these clothes wouldn't make me look like I am trying too hard. Im sure that is the impression that you don't want to give anyone. And I decided to wear my denim vest with my long sleeved tee, to keep warm in the classrooms. This outfit will also make you look school cool if you minus the platform stilettos and pair it with chic looking flats. Don't wear a hat to class as well if you are still in high school. It can be pretty disrespectful in a way.  This was also a very comfortable outfit to walk to school in. In order not to make my vest look nerdy, I decided to wear this new bib necklace with it. I got it at Metro department store in Market! Market! for only PHP 149. I never spend a lot on accessories.

I am wearing a red bowler hat from NAVA that was only PHP 200. You can get hats there at that price now a days that they are on sale, from beanies, fedoras, cloache hats and bowlers. (Market! Market! and Power Plan mall)
This star patched vest is from Kohl's in California that was only USD$17.90. I thought its a pretty decent price for a denim vest, while they are mostly more that USD$20.

The long sleeved black top I am wearing inside is from ZARA in the basics section, that was only PHP 795. Its very worth it and long lasting at the same time.

This skort here is from ZARA in Taipei, Taiwan that was only about TWD$1,439.8. I had it for over a year now. Many of the Zara skorts are the most unique ones you can ever find and they are not too short as well. It looks more chic when you wear it with stockings. I would recommend shopping at ZARA if you want clothes that are very long lasting.

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)!
-Your fashion, your way!

"You don't have to bling up to stand out, there are better ways"
-Fashion quote of the day

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