Thursday, May 9, 2013

Neon Leopard

(c) Javi Bermejo

Neon always makes me happy and pink has always been one of my favorite colors from young. Animal prints are also very chic and it has always been one of my most favorite prints, that before, I owned many leopard print items. I feel that animal prints will always be in style forever, since I have been seeing a lot of them from young. They are also reminding me of the old Disney Channel Movie, called The Cheetah Girls that came out when I was only 11 years old. Gosh, I miss the old Disney. I also find it creative with how they can make animal prints colorful and not the actual color of the leopard. I actually love all kinds of animal prints such as snake, leopard, cheetah,tiger and zebra, as long as they are just printed on while Im against killing animals.

This military blazer here is from Candie's in Market! Market! I got for only PHP 800. That store always smells like Candy and the clothes there are super chic. In the USA, you can get this brand at KOHL'S department store. Military jackets and coats with buttons in the front originated from the 1940's while WWII was going on. Peplum buttoned up tops also originated from that decade.
I am wearing a neon animal bustier crop top from Forever 21, I bought for only USD$ 12.  I paired it with a fuschia body-con skirt from K8 Los Angeles in Power Plant Mall that was only PHP 800. 
This leather bow belt is from a local store in Rome, Italy that was only 9 Euros. Italian leather is the best. The local brands in Italy are extremely stylish and has pretty decent prices. 
I wore this outfit with these plain 2 inch heeled ankle booties I got at a local shoe store called Sophie &Sam in Taipei, Taiwan at a cheap price for super soft and comfy shoes that are bendable.  If your outfit is colorful and printed enough, I would suggest wearing shoes that are plain looking. 

Cheer up with style and bright colors!,
Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)
"  There are  particular pieces you want in your outfit to stand out the most, you can't make everything stand out  or else it can get confusing"-Fashion quote of the day

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