Monday, May 20, 2013

The Great Gatsby (Best fashion so far used in the film)

The Great Gatsby is a new movie set in the Roaring 20's that just hit theaters this month!  Looks like everyone is loving it, while it started off as a novel and many movie remakes.  Leonardo Dicaprio is one of my favorite actors as well. That is one of my reasons why I wanna watch this movie besides my addiction to fashion. Just by looking at the poster, I can tell that its set in the 1920's with the bob cuts for women that was a trend back then. Even patched headbands were worn by many women. They can totally pull them off with their bob cuts. Boyish figures for women were popular back then, to be prevented from being touched. Even Coco Chanel had a bob cut herself and it suited her very well.  The Roaring 20's were also known as The Jazz Age. You can also see Chicago, The musical on Broadway and the movie for more of the 1920's trends and flapper styles. Speaking of the flapper style, the fringe tops and dresses has been a huge comeback since last year.  I would say that The Great Gatsby is very fashionable because I love the costume designs. The owner of  two of my favorite high end brands, Prada and Miu Miu, designer Miuccia Prada collaborated with director, Baz Lurhmann's own wife for costume designing on the set. Miuccia Prada has also designesThe 40 Prada dresses they chose were made into the 1920's flapper style dresses.  Fur stoles were also the most popular trends to wear with formal dresses and I am loving the one below.   Even feather boas were popular.

Also do check out the Fall 2011 collection for Prada below. It has a lot of relations to The Great Gatsby with the haircuts, hats,straight dresses with no curves and the fur. Miuccia Prada is one of the best designers ever. I am in love with Miu Miu and Prada bags. Their fashion shows are super cute too.

There has been many outfits inspired by The Great Gatsby these days, which shows the movie is a hit. Go into to click on the specific collection called Gatsby Days. Especially the patched headbands and the fringed dresses and tops are in style in the present. Short hair was also in style at one point. You can easily get the cheap patched headbands at Market! Market! for only PHP 150.

Even Katy Perry is rocking The Great Gatsby Roaring 20's style, with a feather fan. The whole outfit is a total Roaring 20's chic going All That Jazz. (Look above) Asides from fringes and feathers, the bead embroidery was popular back then. Those dresses make your body look less shapely. I saw many of those dresses in ZARA. It looks like they are a comeback too, but its not really my style.
I would really recommend everyone to go see The Great Gatsby. Its a timeless classic. Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire are such great actors who started young!
Thats All That Jazz!

Enjoy the film!,

Monica JLL Seet! (Candyica)
"Costume Design in film can make the movie more eye catching"
-Fashion Quote of the day