Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One of the most inventive fashion designers (Betsey Johnson)

It is really good to be inventive with your very own fashion style. Like Betsey Johnson is an over the top fashion designers. She doesn't knock off any items from other brands while some brands do that, from my own observations.  Log on to www.betseyjohnson.com for more details. You can shop for her products at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Macys and Nordstrom/ Rack. She has a boutique of her own at Fashion Island Mall, Orange County, California.  Betsey Johnson was a fashion icon of the 70's and began in 1978 and she will never die down while she has the most unique sense of style. I love how she would invent products that are very hard to find such as a lunchbox style purse with skulls on it as mentioned in the entry about the neon trend. She also has a separate formal line, Blue By Betsey Johnson! The shoes in that line are made of satin and are for formal occasions only. I also love her accessories that are so chic and the watches that you can open and close. She will always be a young women at heart. I remember her saying in her interview, something like she does not wanna fall into a trend such as the Madonna crosses which has been around for quite awhile. I strongly agree with her while cross prints has been really cheap looking and controversial.  As a self confessed christian myself, I do not want that trend anymore. Betsey Johnson will always be the designer I idolize, while I love inventing new dresses and shoes. Many High schoolers go to her for prom dresses. Even Katy Perry wore one of her tutu dresses.

This has been Monica Jin Li Seet with the fashion report!
Your style, your way!

"Why not start your own trend if you have your own clothing line rather than falling into an existing trend?"
-Fashion Quote of the day

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