Saturday, May 18, 2013

The best 80's pop culture (Neon and Madonna)

Madonna is one of the pop icons of the 80's who will never disappear. She has been singing many of the greatest pop songs of all time. My most favorite songs of hers are "Crazy for you" and "Material Girl. I also love the clothing line she owns with her teen daughter, Lourdes Leon. It is called Material Girl that is only sold at all Macy's department stores. They are all sold at quite a reasonable price for garments which target young women mainly. Madonna and Lourdes have such cool and chic style. I really love Lourdes Leon's edgy style, when she wears leather, combat boots and creepers.I also like how she can make a flannel shirt not look too common by wearing a moto jacket over it.
 This Madonna graphic tee is so suitable for the summer while its very thin and its neon colored too! If I were to wear this to the outdoors, Id wear it with Shorts, a cap and sneakers. I wore it with my ankle boots to make myself not look like Im wearing pajamas.

I am wearing a Neon Madonna tee from F&X for only PHP 599 on sale, a super cool casual brand originally from Israel. That store has a selection of Madonna graphic tees. This Rosette necklace was given to me by a classmate. You can get the patch at Market! Market! to make your own necklaces.  Id totally make my own necklaces like this to make money for the organizations I help out in like Virlanie Foundation and Chosen Childrens Village orphanage. You can all make use of your talents to heal the world and help the children in need, like what my school did at the bazar yesterday at The Venice Piazza. The Owner of TOMS also helps the children in need in South America. If a customer buys a pair of shoes, a child in need receives a pair. I plan to do that with my future edgy clothing line as well.
I am wearing a  denim moto vest from the thrift shop at Makati cinema Square, when I got a bunch of clothes for a school project food only PHP 400. You can get great bargains there. As an accessory, I am wearing a cap from ROXY, I bought years ago when they had a branch at Power Plant Mall. ROXY is by the best surf brand for summerlicious wear next to Billabong. 
Lastly I am wearing my houndstooth jeggings from Greenhills that was only PHP 350. These days, you can get many cute good quality clothes from there. They even sell export over runs. 

Hope you all rock your Graphic tees!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Your fashion style talents will lead you to success and make you inspire  and help other people in need"
-Quote of the day!


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