Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The best wedges/heels to wear with short shorts

It looks like I found the kind of espadrilles I won't mind wearing. At least these aren't very ordinary and common. I have an edgy style myself so Id prefer espadrilles that are edgy.  I am loving the studded ones below and the strappy ones on top.To me, I think they are the best wedges that look good with short shorts next to South Western print Wedges. They will make you look elegant and casual at the same time. They are also very suitable for the summer while they are extremely soft and comfy.  They wouldn't make you look slutty with short shorts.  6 inch Stilettos with short shorts can make you look slutty sometimes. But If you are wearing short shorts, then wear a jacket or blazer on top just like the picture above. What will also look fine with short shorts would be the zipper booties below, while they are not too high.
Go to to grab that pair and the Southwestern wedges! 
Hope you all enjoyed this entry!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)
"If its hot, you don't need to be covered from top to bottom, its good to have a balance in your outfits"
-Fashion Quote of the day, inspired by Filipina Stylist, Liz Uy

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