Thursday, May 16, 2013

Leopard Love

Red and leopard prints are one of the best combinations ever. It makes the leopard print have more contrast. To keep up with the fad this summer, I decided to add a floppy hat with a leopard sash to this outfit. It is best to wear hats like these because they protect your face and your hair. But make your outfit matches. You can also wear it with your stylish beach outfit or when you chill by the poolside. I really loved seeing these hats in Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 during one of the designers shows. This is the best 70's comeback next to palazzo pants and jumpsuits. It looks like celebrities like JLO (Jennifer Lopez) is looking so chic in it too. I am loving all the decade comebacks this Spring/Summer. Lots of them are on look book as well. You can get one at Forever 21 or  Ralph Lauren.

Floppy hats will also look good with a beach outfit like this one right here with a Fringe bikini from while its very 70's inspired. I shall call it a super chic St.Tropez  outfit. You will look hot walking around Boracay like this. You don't have to wear a skimpy bathing suit to look gorgeous. Some of them can look like its about to fall off. You can get this fringe bathing suit for only PHP 700 in this color or pink.  You can get fringe bikinis at Forever 21 or They are looking so chic this summer!

I am wearing this floppy hat from Market! Market! (Fashion Market) I got for only PHP 150. You can get many affordable hats from there now a days or NAVA.
This denim moto vest is from a thrift store at Makati cinema square. That is the safest thrift store you can go to and get good quality affordable clothes.
The mesh sleeved crop top I am wearing underneath is from TOPSHOP on sale for only PHP 795.  That is one of my favorite stores of all time.
The metal studded belt is from a store in the Philippines called Tomato for only PHP 300. It is one of the most successful clothing lines here. The clothes,swimwear and accessories are very unique, edgy and affordable. My leopard body con skirt is from a store in Market! Market! called Jewels. It was only PHP 150. You can really get a lot of good stuff at that price over there. My red footless tights are also from the Fashion Market.  I got it at a good deal for two for PHP 150. So I got a black one as well.  Along with this outfit, I am wearing my most convenient ankle wedged booties from Payless shoe source. That is one of the most internationally famous and affordable shoe stores. I hope you all have a sun kissed summer vacationing and relaxing from all your hard work!

This has been Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)!
Your Style, Your identity!

"Fashion from the past decades will always come back from time to time"
-Quote of the day

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