Friday, May 17, 2013

Neon is a huge hit this Summer

Neon is all over the place these days this summer!  That is one of my favorite 80's comebacks this summer. Watch The Carrie Diaries to see more of that, while its set in the 80's. Even the window displays all over the malls are full of neon. Check out ALDO's window display! That is by far my favorite neon display.  Three of these photos were taken at my schools charity bazar yesterday at the Venice Piazza. Two of my friends, Allie and Carmela were dressed in casual neon outfits and there was one particular booth three of my classmates hosted, that was all full of neon accessories, bags and clothes all fresh from Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is the cheapest place to shop so far while almost everything is made there.  Good job you guys for selling out pretty fast. Also do look at the neon window display from Barney's New York.  That is one of my favorite luxury department stores asides from The Harrods from London, UK. Neon outfits are the best for the summer while its noisy and cheerful. You can easily get out of your house to play. Summer is also the season to be relieved  from all the hard work you have done. So the colors should be happy and bright. 

I got this neon yellow mustache bag from the bazar for only PHP 450 at the neon booth (see picture below) I finally found a cheaper bag like this while I really liked the lips version like this from ALDO that was way too pricey for the size and materials.  Grab this Betsey Johnson skull mini briefcase (below) immediately you can get at These neon skulls are so cute and to die for. This bag is not like any other and Betsey Johnson is one of my most favorite designers while she always had her own personal style by not falling into trends like the latest cross, tribal and distressed floral prints. She also never sold any peplum or the latest bib necklaces. I also felt that those trends were too common and Im getting pretty tired of them. Although, Im fine with the tribal prints. Betsey Johnson will always be my idol while I want to have my own edgy clothing line in the future, inventing my own styles. 
This is by far one of my favorite charity T-shirts I bought to raise money for the Chosen Children's Village Foundation where my High school, ISM is always helping out in.  Thanks to Designer, Tanya Mc Corkle (Class Of 2013).  I like how its neon colored for the summer and it will also put a smile on the children's faces. Its very Spring/Summer 2013 and it will totally look great with vertical striped jeans!  I got this for only PHP 300 and this is an organization I have always been involved with since I was Grade 6. My Heart will always be with CCV. Even though, I am already an ISM graduate, I still attend the trips to help the kids while I love to do service as a hobby.  Thank you lovely officers for still welcoming me! Together we can all make a difference in the lives of the children. Lets hope to gain more club members.

This Dungeon Dragon neon cap here belongs to my friend Carmela Fernandez. Thanks for helping me. She said she ordered this online and I forgot where she got it from. But you can try looking it up on ebay.
Good job to Gela, Jamie and Mariel, for managing this stall and selling many neon items. This was really so fun to look at. I so wish I had a lot of money to buy the whole stall! I think those neon earrings will look great with your hair tied up in the hot summer sun. The mustache bags are the most to die for!  Shine bright like a colorful diamond this summer!!!!!

This has been Monica Jin Li Seet (Candyica) with another summer report!
"Your Style, Your identity"

"Certain trends can be too common sometimes, its good to be more inventive to create items to die for"
-My own fashion quote of the Day!

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