Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stylish Maternity Wear

 Hey guys,
Im back, sorry its been two days, just finished my mid term test today!
Kate Middleton's maternity style has been all over the news these days! Boy she is still looking so styling. As I mentioned in my earlier article, stylish royalty, Kate Middleton is one of the best dressed princesses.  It looks like Kim Kardashian has been a stylish pregnant Mom as well.  I love the dress below the best. Even though Im still too young to have a baby, I know what stylish maternity dresses to wear when I have my future kids. I am also digging Kim Kardashians peplum pants and leather jeans as well.  To shop for stylish maternity wear, I would suggest .  Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian will always will always be two of my favorite fashion icons who are not my age. (Im currently 20 years old).  I would suggest wearing, loose fit jumpsuits, dresses that are not so tight and loose fit bottoms as well. Wear cute and comfy flats so that you won't have a tough time walking.

-Monica JLL Seet
"Your Style, Your identity"

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