Tuesday, April 30, 2013

One of the best fashion sites

You can't get enough of the fashion world and all designers? Well, I know a really good site next to www.fashionista.com. It is where you can view all trend reports, shopping, fashion shows, events and everything else. The site is also very good for you if you wanna be fashion forward too!
Check out, www.style.com to check out the world of fashion. They also give you a shopping guide asides from trend reporting. The shopping guide to check out for this season would be entitled, "Life's a beach", even though Spring break is over, they are also suitable for the summer while in the hot sun. While I also like to design bathing suits (mostly bikinis) myself, that shopping guide fascinated me and from what I am seeing almost everywhere, lots of the fringe bikinis and high waisted ones are a trend. The high waisted ones are a huge comeback from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's, as seen in the 2001 film, Pearl Harbor.  I am loving the ones with sailor style buttons.

Below, I have taken some photos form style.com while those are my favorite trends of fall 2013. As I mentioned before, chains and leather are rocking the house! I am loving the Versace pants below and also the Alexander Mcqueen Victorian inspired look.  Even the Givenchy dress below with pink boots is looking ver fine and chic. These trends are currently called punk style. Go to the website for more. For fall/winter trends, I have been seeing lots of punk looks from how I observed every fashion show.  If you look way below, it looks like pop art colors will still be in style for fall/winter 2013 as they are now this spring/summer and I am digging it! I always have been a fan of pop art. These pictures are only a sneak peak for the trend report. Just click the link for more! I myself cannot get enough of the website. The purpose of a fashion show is for designers to show their new collection ahead of the season.

It looks like actress, Krysten Ritter is looking fashion forward with this Derek Lam body con red and black dress and OMG, these Rachel Zoe shoes are looking good. I wanna own one of those one day!

Check out more of the Pre-Fall 2013 trends as well! They are right below. Animal prints has also been in style forever. Check out the two toned moto jacket below.

This has been Monica JL Seet!
"Your Style, Your identity"
"Its better to buy fashion stocks rather than drowning yourself with clothes, bags and shoes, your money will grow better that way"-My own quote of the day

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