Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Style Time Machine

It looks like we can predict  how fashion will be like in the future. This I call trend forecasting in a century earlier. We already have Lady Gaga who always wears dresses that almost look like 22nd century fashion that matches future architecture. While Ive been youtubing  my favorite childhood show, Phil Of The Future, I was inspired to create this entry. And I feel like wearing these clothes too, while I hate falling into trends and dressing like everyone else. Some trends are so tacky these days such as distressed florals or any kind of florals. They are getting very hideous and are not for young women. I am admiring the dress below, with metallic skirts. I also love futuristic looking platforms. Go into www.dasmyshoes.ph to find the specific DAS Alien (heel-less). You all are going to love it to death while they are currently to die for. Some of Alexander Mcqueens shoes are also looking futuristic, especially the ones Lady Gaga wears. Alexander Mcqueen has always been one of the most unique designers wit personal style.  Lady Gaga is one of my favorite singers, while she has her own personal style not dressing like any other celebrity.  I also love the flying saucer hats below. Below, you can also watch Phil Of the Future (Episode, Virtu-date). You get to see some cute casual fashion style. This is also making me miss the old Disney channel. I use to watch these shows at aged 12.  Some of the clothes at Forever 21 (Specifically the Capsule 21 collection) looks futuristic and edgy with two toned leather leggings. High cut sandals are also gorgeous! I gotta get a pair.I am also loving the a-symmetrical coat below with pants. Id wear that in winter! Dressing futuristically can make you have your own personal style. But don't be too out of this world.  You can also wear metallic bomber jacket or a moto jacket.

This has been Monica JLL Seet with fashion reporting!,
Your style, your way!

"Trend forecasting is like going forward in time"
-Fashion quote of the day

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