Monday, May 27, 2013

Chess Board Chick

Checks and vertical stripes are my favorite prints, this spring 2013. Black and white are the most classic and convenient colors. Wearing these prints with studs can make you look like a tough chick. As I have an edgy style myself, I decided to wear this moto vest with my white long sleeved graphic tee. Without it, I can look like Im wearing pajamas. Jeggings are more convenient than jeans these days while its been so hot that my skin is getting oilier and oilier. I can't wait to move to a cold country next year for further studies. Im not a fond of heat while I was born in the winter. Checkered prints has been in every spring/summer 2013 collections these days. I first saw them in Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 show. (As mentioned in my article about huge comebacks this Spring/Summer 2013) That was when it first caught my eye. Checkered prints are also used for the Nascar flag! Why not recycle the flag if they are suitable for making clothes too?
Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013.

I'm wearing a long sleeved graphic tee from Adora that was only PHP 1,600, while I had a PHP 1000 gift voucher given by a family friend. I decided to use my denim moto vest from the thrift store as a top.

Here I am wearing checkered pants from Market! Market! that was only PHP 250. If you are on a budget and wanting to buy cheap clothes, be sure the prints do not look too tacky cheap and be sure the correct textiles are used. Thats what matters the most. Remember this quote "Its not about brand, its about style" I care more about the style to be honest.  I am wearing my tiger head buckle belt from H&M in Singapore that was only SGD$ 5. H&M has the best deals next to Forever 21! I can't wait for it to open here in the Philippines next year!! As you have all seen my DAS shoes before, I wear them a lot while they are very comfortable and can be used for the mall, fashion events and clubs.  I am loving quirky/edgy shaped heels/wedges these days while they are not like any other shoes.   This is one way to stand out as well and never falling into trends. 

Spice up your style!
Stay tuned for more fashion reporting and blogger looks with Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)!
"Your style, your voice"!

"Find your path to your own personal style/taste"
-My fashion quote of the day!

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