Sunday, May 5, 2013

Studded Shoes to die for

It looks like to me that shoes with studs and spikes these days are the footwear to die for these days. It has been an on going fad since last year. Christian Louboutin was the one who began with all the studs and spikes with his shoes.  His rollerball loafers has also been very popular, with many designer stores getting many inspirations from those shoes. He has always been one of my favorite shoe designers especially if I insanely have the love for shoes. I can't wait to get a pair of spiked stilettos this summer or a studded wedged sneakers. You can even have your own converse shoes customized into studded sneakers! I really wanna own one so badly. It looks like they are looking great on a pair of wedged sneakers! You can go to the actual Converse site to have a pair of shoes customized,
Why not if you can also use them to kick someone, if they mess with you?  

If you would like to get a pair of studded wedged sneakers, check out ALDO or Charlotte Russe to grab a pair. It looks like wedged sneakers has been a huge hit. They will make you look taller. 
From my observation, its looks like they are also rocking Spring/Summer 2013 if you take a look at the latest issue of Metro magazine below.  Look at the pictures below for more of the Christian Louboutin heels I was describing. Studs and spikes are my kind of style, especially if they make you look very stylish.  Studs are the biggest trend repot of 2012-2013.  As mentioned before, they have been in Fall/Winter collections. You don't have to look like a punk in studs and spikes, you can still look as feminine as you want.  Edgy looks are actually the most fashionable and classic looks to die for.
Stay tuned for more trend reports coming your way!

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