Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Project Runways Nina Garcia live in Manila

Project Runway's very own Nina Garcia is here in Manila, Philippines. She is a sensational fashion journalist and critic.  She studied at the top fashion schools, Fashion Institute Of Technology in NYC and Esmod in Paris. She first worked in the public relations department for Ellis then designer, Marc Jacobs in the 1980's. Thats how she began her fashion career. She was at first a market editor for Elle (Clothing line and magazine) then became a fashion director. She has a creative mind as a creative director of Marie Claire. She will be present live at the Jag Fashion Show on Friday the 24th during Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013. Since I plan to have a career almost like hers,  I can't wait to hear what she will be saying as the main speaker. This will totally help me for my Fashion Communication class. So those with tickets to this show, catch what Nina Garcia will be saying at the show while she has judged for Miss Universe before. Glad they got a pro creative director to host the fashion show. Nina Garcia I love you and project runway! Cant wait to see you judge the Jag fashion! Your gorgeous too and glamourous! 

Hope you all enjoy the show!,
Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Fashion shows are also a form of trend forecasting"
-Fashion quote of the day

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