Thursday, May 23, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013: Day 1 Highlight(Michael Cinco)

It looks like Michael Cinco is one of the best  fashion designers in the Philippines. Even though I didn't go to his show yesterday(Day 1), I just got the news in my inbox just now.  These were taken at Philippine Fashion Week, Holiday 2013. I really think that these dresses are creative and I like the head pieces too. My favorite part of the dresses are the ones that are straight with ruffles at the back. I think its worth it to ship all of the gowns to the United States for Hollywood celebrities to wear. Id totally wear one of them to a premiere if I were an actress. The red and black one is the edgiest one so far and so my style.  You are looking good on stage too Michael Cinco with those sunglasses and what you are wearing too! I also like the embroidery of the dresses, its very well organized and I know where my eye moves around the dress. The white dress above is very Gatsby, I shall say. Speaking of that, there has been many fashion inspired by The Great Gatsby ever since it has been a huge hit internationally. Go to to check out the Gatsby collection!  But this Michael Cinco collection name is Impalpable Dream Of Russia. Theres lots of high lows and two tones these days with Holiday and fall/winter 2013 collections. Click the source below for more details about this collection.

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