Sunday, May 26, 2013

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013-Dickies Underwear show

The Dickies underwear show for Philippine Fashion Week, Holiday 2013 was totally worth it and very creative on how they had an anime theme and how they styled up the underwear's and watching the amount of flesh they show.  This was taken at Mall Of Asia! My favorite anime character is Hatsune Miku as that brings me back memories from my anime club back in high school. This actually makes them look like they are more clothed. And some superhero costumes look like they are wearing their underwear outside their tights like Superman for example.  This was in a way like the Victoria's Secret fashion shows since they style their underwear models with various accessories and turn the underwear get ups into costumes. This won't make the models look naked. would love to attend a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show one day.   But its still revealing since they are supposed to market the underwear's  mainly like this costume below. They also had a lolita theme (look at the photos below for more while there are too many. To be in fashion, you need to be passionate and willing to learn about different garments (Under and outer). There are some lingerie designers out there and they need to be supportive enough for the body and comfortable. All kinds of garments interest me as a fashion addict and as a girl who can't get enough of fashion.  Underwear are not only bras, panties and boxers. They also have to do with camisoles and bandeaus. I can't live without it. Its all the about the clothes, bathing suits, underwear and foot wear.  So check out the rest of the pictures and enjoy them! I like the ones with dark colors mostly while that is more Holiday 2013 style. Bright colors and colorful are too Spring/Summer style. Maybe I should try their underwear myself. Ive only worn Bench,  Aerie,Victoria's Secret and La Senza. 

 This Hatsune Miku wig with a kimono is looking so great with the underwear. But I think leggings would've been better looking with this kimono.

 These ones, I say are the most revealing ones but they suit the anime theme since many anime costumes are quite revealing with crop tops and short skirts.

 And Wow! I love this Hatsune Miku costume. Its currently my favorite, while the undergarments weren't that obvious. I cosplayed this character once and it was really fun.

 I like how these two bandeaus were styled and accessorized. They look like beach outfits. I love the maxi skirt and the leopard print skirt.

I like how they added beach cover ups for the underwear. Its like wearing it with your bikini.

I like how they hired pageant queens from Miss Philippines Earth while they should be used to being very confident to model in anything.

It was totally worth it since they gave these pouches as giveaways to the guests after the show. But Ill give it to my brother since its way to guyish for me.
This has been Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)!
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"Fashion is everything we wear on ourselves"
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  1. "My favorite anime character is Hatsune Miku as that brings me back memories from my anime club back in high school."

    Good day, may I know what high school did you attend? Or at least, if it's in the Philippines. I'm just curious to know what high schools in the Philippines have an anime club. Thank you.

  2. Thats awesome!! I went to International School Of Manila, Fort Bonifacio and I was part of the anime club back then! :)