Saturday, May 25, 2013

Highlights from the Jag Fashion show

The Holiday collections at the Jag fashion show was seriously beast. Check out the garments I posted. Lots of high low dresses and leather tops with skinny jeans. The designs so far at Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013 are so far so edgy just like any Fall/Winter collections Ive seen so far. I think I would love to buy the leather top or the high low dresses from Jag. Those are the only pieces that are my style. The dresses with strips paired with jeans are seriously very original, which is very important in fashion. As Nina Garcia has said, "originality is very important because lots of designers try to copy other designers they follow". I also disapprove of designers doing that. Thats why I love to sketch my own ideas for fun with clothes, bathing suits and bags. It was also nice seeing Nina Garcia being interviewed live by an actual host. She is one of the best Fashion critics/journalists so far and a current editor for Marie Claire.  I would like to read one of her books, The little black book of style since Id love to be a stylist someday.  She has also said that when most people hear about fashion, they think its just design, but no its not all about that. There are many jobs in Fashion such as merchandising, marketing,styling,communication and journalism.  Before I heard her say that, I had an experience myself when I told a friend that I was going to take fashion in college and design only came into his head.  If you do get to visit any Jag store near you, check out these fashion pieces! I also gotta say, even the host of the show in red is very fashionable herself. I love the red blazer with studs and leather leggings! (holding the mic) Her hairstyle is also very unique!


This has been Monica JLL Seet(Candyica) on fashion reporting!
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