Friday, May 24, 2013

Outfits for Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2013

Everyone dresses loudly for Philippine Fashion Week. All I saw are 6 inch stilettos and super cute and cool outfits. I think it is best to wear a dress to these kinds of events as I feel that its more presentable like how Ive always worn dresses to fashion shows. I even saw lolita style outfits with colored hair. These outfits were for the Jag fashion show featuring Project Runway's Nina Garcia live. it was a blast, with the Holiday 2013 outfits and hearing Nina Garcia talk was very inspirational, hearing that originality is important in fashion, in which I am conscious about myself!  If your out there still Nina, I love you and I look up to you. She has also been passionate about fashion her whole as it is very important if you wanna work in the industry, in which I am. Nina Garcia also mentioned that the fashion world is highly competitive as well which will be a big challenge in the fashion industry. I also loved the collections at Jag because they are looking great with leather and high low skirts and they've been a trend for the Fall/Winter 2013 collections in Europe as well. I am loving them as they are classic and I have more of an edgy style. Stay tuned for my entry about the show itself.

Here is the dress I wore to the event! I got this high low dress from Forever 21 for only PHP 1,275! I thought it was a really worth it price for a dress like this while it is super original looking and pretty tough to find. Im always admiring originality in fashion, since I love inventing my own styles. Im the type who does not like falling into trends. I just like to DIY my own things and wear what people don't normally wear.  I don't care so much if people say Im eccentric, at least that brings a little bit of creativity.

Above, I am wearing a cardigan I designed myself with lace and leather combined while I haven't seen anything like that sold in stores. It was at first a 3 year old lace cardigan I had from M{phosis for only PHP 500.  

I am wearing a chain necklace from M{phosis that the lovely wife of my cousin gave me for Christmas. 

My studded belt is also from M{phosis in Singapore for only SGD$ 18.90. That is my most favorite store in Singapore with super cool style.  I paired it with a headpiece from Forever 21 that was only PHP 200. 

My envelope studded clutch is from Miss Selfridge in Singapore for only SGD$ 19 on sale. Singapore has one of the best deals for designer clothes when they go on sale.  My heel-less heels are from Lorrein Lara's Facebook page. They feel like wedges. You can also get them from Shoe Godess. Just look them up on Facebook.

I am wearing a caged bangle from Forever 21 that I got for only PHP 300.

Now to my friend who came with me to PHFW, Lauren Diano. It was great reuniting again! You had an amazing outfit. Thanks for making me blog this. Your style is in between Janet and Michael Jackson.

She mentioned she is wearing a dress from Forever 21 and her bib necklace is from there as well.  Her bomber jacket is from IDO and she is carrying a color blocking clutch from a native store here in the Philippines. Native bags are looking so hot these days. Go Philippines!

She is wearing shoes from a local shoe store here in the Philippines called So Fab! You can get affordable shoes there for a reasonable price.
Lauren's style is also her very own and not falling into trends as well. Its very cute and edgy.

Stay Styling my fellow fashionistas!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Falling into trends and wearing pieces that everyone wears won't make you stand out in a good way" 
"Your style is your own voice"
-Fashion Quotes of the day

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