Friday, May 10, 2013

Japanese Fashion (A different culture)

Japanese style fashion has always been one of the cutest styles ever, having anime inspirations for garments. As much as I love anime and cosplaying, I took a picture of my classmate, Ysa. Thank you so much for posing, your a great anime artist.  You have such awesome lolita style and the way you dress is super cute. Its very Kawaii.  I also like your pastel pink baby collar shirt you bought at Forever 21. The clothes you bought from Osaka, Japan are so cute too. I love that pullover you wore last week. This navy blue top is very Sailor Moon inspired and if you wanna find a top like this, try going to Kamiseta or Forever 21 with a sailor style collar.  You can also get dresses with a similar collar. The school uniforms in Japan are also very Sailor Moon style. I feel that its very creative in a way that they don't look like any other school uniforms I have observed. ( Look at the image above)  You can also go for adorable hoodies with ears. Its so kawaii.  Japanese style clothing is also very well known for being pastel pretty. Even the floral skirt on Ysa is looking very chic spring. 
If you have a lolita style, I would suggest wearing an outfit like what Ysa is wearing in the picture, since it can be too hot here in the Philippines to wear a lolita dress and a wig. Add a small bow clip and a side braid to your hair look more like a lolita girl and some large framed glasses. Lolita is a fashion culture that was born in Japan and it became Internationally popular. This pastel bow right here is from American Apparel. I just love to explore fashion culture almost all over the world. Its interesting to see many people dress differently.
 With footwear, you can throw on some creepers or strappy flats. You can also wear these ballet style flat-forms. They sell a lot of these at Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. You can look very chic in these too asides from wearing actual heels. These can make you taller without you trying too hard. Oh yeah, and don't forget to add some black stockings or thigh high socks to your outfit. You can get a lolita style necklace at It has always been my favorite accessory store from young.
 Bling up yourself with matching accessories. This carousel necklace is looking too cute and paint your nails a color that scan match well.  If your style is more edgy rather than flirty, then go to Michelle Phan's Youtube channel for a gothic lolita make up tutorial. Also look at the magazine pages above for more. Even though I don't speak Japanese, I just love looking through their fashion magazines with such cute trends. To shop for Japanese style clothing, check out UNIQLO and MUJI as well. Stay tuned for UNIQLO opening soon in Glorietta! I can't wait!
Hope you all enjoyed this Tip and Thanks again Ysa for posing in an anime style!
Your style really shows your obvious identity!,

"You don't have to constantly follow trends, dress how you want your style to be"
-Fashion Quote of the day

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