Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gladiator Sandals are back this Spring/Summer!

Gladiator sandals are one of my favorite trends this Spring/Summer! I remember owning a pair of silver ones from Singapore for only SGD$14 when they were in style in 2008-2009.  But now they are broken. My most favorite ones are the gladiator high cut booties and the ones with cool edgy studs on it.  If you take a look at all the gladiator sandals below, they are mostly from Forever 21 and Wet Seal.   You can get affordable ones here in the Philippines these days. Some of them in the tiangge cost only PHP 300. I thought its pretty worth it for comfortable outdoor sandals, especially if some of them don't last that long. I used to get a lot of the cheap ones when I was in high school, since I needed to wear flats all the time. But now I don't need them as much anymore, I only use them for outdoor events or amusement parks. You can wear them with an adorable sundress along or shorts.
But I would like to get the heeled ones while Im in love with wearing killer heels and they boost my confidence further.
These stilettos right here are from Forever 21 and I would love to get low heeled ones like these or high cut booties. You can get affordable high cut ones at or They can really make your casual outfits look super chic and not just ordinary. You can even use them for theme parks or outdoor events.  You can also get them at a local store in Rome, Italy.

These black studded ones I am wearing, is from LYN outlet, Nuvali that was only PHP 595.  Nuvali outlets are the best ones in the Philippines so far.
Even these, wedged ones are looking so chic, you can also use these for school. I used to wear low heels to school when I was only a high school student.

These are very similar to the ones I have. It is more of my style since I am loving studs so much.

 Try some color blocking chic ones as well to color your summer days.

 These ones below are all from Wet Seal while two of the stilettos above are from Bebe. That is one of my favorite expensive stores with long lasting products.

These gladiator sandals from Wet Seal are very affordable and chic at the same time. Go check out the summer sales too at Forever 21 and Wet Seal, the deals are the best ones so far. Gladiator sandals always look great with bohemian outfits with a tribal top, shorts and a wrap around headband. Now for the theme park fashion tip: If you are going to Disneyland or Disneyworld, wear a Disney themed graphic tee, a vest with shorts, studded gladiators. For a headpiece, wear your Minnie Mouse Ears.  The kind of bag to carry would be a cross body, for convenience. You can also wear a cute polka dot sundress and sandals for the Minnie Mouse theme.

Hope you all enjoyed this tip!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)
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"You don't need to dress in fur coats to look styling, they can be the wrong garments for a certain season"
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