Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Jack Daniel's Volume 2

Here is my second outfit with my Jack Daniel's muscle tee. Its my favorite graphic tee I have so far since I occasionally drink socially.While these pleather leggings are way too revealing, I normally wear it with a long top, short shorts or mini skirts. Vertical stripes are also by far my most favorite trend of spring 2013. I feel that we should rest from florals and go for vertical stripes, chess board prints and diamonds this spring. Since its a huge hit right now, I think they should turn vertical stripes into a fad, instead of a trend.

 This Jack Daniel's muscle tee is from Ballow or Push Thru Marketing in Market! Market! for only PHP 350.  I love the fad of graphic muscle tees these days. You can get as many as you want at Market! Market! while they have reasonable prices.  I am wearing it with a leather sleeved military jacket I got at Cotton On in Singapore for only SGD$ 20. I thought its not a bad price and Cotton On is cheaper in Singapore and has more choices.
See below for more. I am wearing my favorite vertical stripes shorts from Greenhills tiangge for only PHP 200. Greenhills is the safest bargain market next to Market! Market! I go to those places a lot while I am currently on a budget as a college student. Remember this quote. "Its not about brand, its about style" But if you wanna shop cheap, just make sure the quality or the prints are not too tacky cheap looking and old. 
I am wearing a pair of pleather leggings from Wet Seal in California for only USD$ 9.90. The clothes are as affordable as Forever 21. The deals are pretty good there too for clothes.
These combat boots are from Forever 21, I got for only USD$ 22. Combat boots are one of my favorite comeback from the 1990's. The neon colored ones are cute too and you can even wear them to a music festival or a fair. 

Peace Out!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"You don't have to be overly accessorized to be fashionable, you can always put fashion pieces together stylishly"
-My own Fashion Quote of the day

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