Friday, May 3, 2013

How to look cool for school fashion tip 2

Hey everyone,
I hope you all are enjoying school! Its only about a month left before you guys are on summer break. So I will be giving fashion tips on how to look cool on your last days of school, enjoying yourselves and partying in your classrooms! But this time I will be giving ideas on cool accessories and stationary and I won't be using my own outfit this time.

I think cute tops for school (If you are still in high school or a regular university) would be graphic baseball tees with jeans for guys and girls. For girls, you can also wear them with shorts,stockings and flat boots. You can also wear buttoned up shirts with studs. You can also wear a tank or a graphic tee inside. If you wanna wear a plaid shirt, make it look cool with studs and a belt, you can wear stockings under it to make it look cooler and a leather varsity jacket over it. (Look at the picture below)  Add some combat boots as well, just like mine from Forever 21 I got for only USD$ 22.
Look at the picture above of the unisex baseball tee. I think those would look awesome. Thanks to my friend Javi Bermejo for posing! You have such awesome style! Walking around with headphones around your neck will match well with larger frame glasses like the ones on the left.
The headphones on Javi are from Urbanearz and his leopard print glasses are from TOPMAN. Clothes stores these days have unique frames for reading glasses.

Spice up your stationary with note books with prints that stand out. Like this one with a hoodie here is from Esprit. I got it as a present last last Christmas.  Im sure you can find them online or at your nearest book stores. You can also get unique stationaries from all Target department stores.

 It is important to have water in class all the time in order not to have your brain dehydrate. Sometimes you have the tendencies to get thirsty after hard work and tests. They are also very important for Physical Education class.
You can find cute and stylish water bottles at a good price. They are almost everywhere. I got this one at Juicy Couture at Camarillo Outlets, California for only USD$ 19.90. You can get cheaper cute water bottles at Old Navy as well.

Look below for more cool headphones you can wear to school. The red and black ones are from Beats which are normally USD$ 299. But the sound has a lot of clarity. If your on a budget, go for the Harajuku Lovers in ear phones. Those are already on sale. Mine were from Singapore for only SGD$ 67. They come with a convenient pouch you can attach to your school bag, but make sure you don't lose them.

 While I am far sighted with a degree of 175, I always need to wear these in class.  Frames with rhinestones will make you look chic and not so dorky. These are from Polo Trends and they are from the optical shop in Greenbelt 1. You can get awesome frames from there as well. Also do check out for cool frames for reading glasses. I will be giving back to school fashion tips in August!

Stay school cool and enjoy your last month!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)
-Your style, your identity!

"Your personal style is almost like a mood board of your own"
-My fashion quote of the day

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