Saturday, May 11, 2013

Chanel Cruise Collection 2013-14

Chanel is one of my favorite high end brands on my top list while I really enjoy watching their fashion shows.  What I always notice is, they are always using chain necklaces and bracelets for their models to wear in the fashion shows, with their garments.  Also check out Karl Lagerfeld's interview for the collection. I am loving those jewelry while they are very classic and chic. From my observations in the collections Ive seen, it looks like they have many high low skirts. My favorite dresses and coats from this collection are the ones with a collage style.  It's very edgy (Look Below) I know I only have posted pictures during my collection reports, but this time I have posted a video of the show that took place in Singapore at the bottom of the entry along with these pictures.  The suits in this cruise collection are also looking very fine while part of the theme is traveling. Some of them also look like sailor style clothing. Suits are also good for traveling while it can get cold in the airplane. 

I would seriously wear this dress to a premier or  a fashion event. I love the flawy collage part at the bottom of the dress. Its also a balance between tight and loose. The detail looks great on a coat too!
Subscribe to Chanel's Youtube channel and go to for more as well. I am also in love with the Chanel flap bags. I know I wanna own one someday when Im already working since Im from a family who does not like to spend. Chanel flap bags are the most useful high end bags while it will make you look so chic for your entire life and can be passed on to your children and grandchildren. It loots like this collage detail can start a cute edgy trend. I wanna wear this dress so badly.

 Hope you all have a safe flight to wherever your going this summer. Style up in the Plane!,

Monica JLL Seet (Candyica)

"Comfort and Style are very important to me"
-Fashion Quote of the Day

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